transcending visual storytelling

Imagine, we are in this together.

Through my art, I share with you my infatuation with the mysteries of being alive - now. I have an abundance of passion for these stories, explore and intertwine them in my handmade artworks, textiles and writing...


WE ARE PILGRIMS OF THE STARS, WE ARE NOMADS OF THE SKY. From Earth to the Milky Way and back. Travels through time and space. Explorations in organic and abstract shapes, light language, vibrational colors and ceremonial cloth.



SPIRITUAL ARCHAEOLOGY  & TEMPLE ORNAMENTAL. Evolving decorative archetype human patterns and the mystery of the labyrinth. On the quest to unravel mythical layers and the the paradox of the Soul. Digging deep, raw earth, mud and dust.



BLUE DREAMS, DREAMING IN BLUE BLUE SONGS.  A celebration of Water, and the wide spectrum of all its shapes and feelings, from the drop to the ocean. An ongoing collaboration with Water as a living source. Also informed by the resourcefulness  and sublimity of Japanese arts & craft and indigo textiles. 



SHAPESHIFTERS, FACES OF THE PAST, FACES OF THE FUTURE. Romantic sightings of otherworldly creatures, mer folk, and shape-shifting immortal beings. Inspired by the fairytales of my childhood, legends of the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and the myths of my imagination. 


images © SIMI NINATI - Simone Meentzen all rights reserved.