Born out of an innate impulse to create Beauty and share Joy-ful sensations, FIBER&HEART® offers handmade creations, workshops & soulful co-created retreats to serve you and Mother Earth: sharing expert artistic skills, promoting creativity, helping people to sensually connect with and in nature. 
FIBER&HEART® has so far participated and exhibited at The Green Market Berlin, Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival Berlin, Ako Berlin, Trendforum Heimtextil Frankfurt, Textile Art Berlin, Karl May Festspiele Radebeul, Spirit Weavers Gathering Trade Blanket and Desert & Denim USA.  New FIBER&HEART® handmade limited edition textiles, textile wall hangings and accessories are now available, for wholesale contact
If you are interested in hosting or co-creating an event / workshop / retreat with FIBER&HEART®, please contact Simi at (Languages: German & English)
FIBER&HEART® is a supporter of TreeSisters: A global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care.  

 Photography by Grit Siwonia, Simone Meentzen // Models: Nicole Hemmer, Kady Taylor // Handmade Creations & Art Direction: Fiber&Heart® /// ©Fiber&Heart® 2019


 Feedback for FIBER&HEART®


"Simone is a medicine woman and artist who has woven her love for plants and nature into every fiber of her being. This love comes from a deeper source that is natural, pure and anchored. Her presence envelopes and her innocent curiosity enchants you. She creates in harmony with the Great Mother, honoring Earth's creations with humility and awe. Her art comes from a place of wholeness. Embodying both wisdom and innocence, she makes it easy for people to tap into their creativity.
I invited Simone to teach a creative session on The New Heart Retreat for Cacao Mama. She created a warm, nourishing and abundant space, overflowing with colors, fragrances and possibilities. We've co-created two urban plant ritual retreats together and and to work with Simone was the most healing experience in co-creation. Thank you Simone for opening your library of knowledge that offers avenues to connect with the wisdom of the old medicine ways. You are an extension of Nature´s creativity! "
Serap Kara, Founder of Cacao Mama & Earth School 


"Der Workshop mit Euch war wirklich ein Geschenk, ein wundervolles Eintauchen in die Welt der Pflanzen und die Kraft und Energie des Frühlings. Die zwei Tage haben meine Wahrnehmung geschärft und ein geradezu magisches Gefühl der Naturverbundenheit in mir geweckt - und das so leicht und fließend, beschwingt und kraftvoll, inspirierend und kreativ! Danke für diesen Raum und all die Geschenke, die in ihm geboren wurden und aus ihm entstehen...Ihr habt uns so viele Möglichkeiten an die Hand gegeben, selbst zu forschen und zu erschaffen, dass ich jeden Tag aufs Neue daraus schöpfen kann..."

Juliane Seifert, 2019


"I attended Simone´s Weaving Workshop in Berlin, and really enjoyed the experience of being in an intimate group of women weaving our own heart and soul creations. Simone shared many things with us, and I appreciated the simple way in which she conveyed information connected to the ancient art of weaving. It felt very ancient to be sitting in a group of women weaving as so many have throughout all time.
Simone is a natural guide, artist and creative. She inspires many by her visionary creations and I feel blessed and grateful to have met her and attended her workshop. Thank you Simone for bringing the ancient magic of the feminine back into this contemporary world we are living in. You are a natural medicine woman, artist of the soul and nature whisperer..."
Nicole Hemmer,  Founder of the Divine Feminine Soul Leadership Program