Green face, soft heart
Traveller on the bridge
past and future
Blinded by light
Can see in the dark
Retracing steps
In circular movements
Searching for
Particles of Soul
In all four directions
Connecting dots
Between stars and earth
Stones speak
Of ancient patience...
Weaving dreams
With children and birds
Weaving dreams
With plants and bees
I am here to remember my dreams
I am here to remember your dreams
I am here to remember my dreams
I am here to remember your dreams
I am here to dance with you
And share our dreams… 
 cycles of time 
altered states 


Simone Meentzen aka Simi Ninati

I am a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Germany. After fine art foundation studies and working as an artist assistant, I trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London UK. For more than 15 years I worked for international textile and fashion clients, artists and gallerists. I have an extensive handmade textile repertoire and my work has been exhibited at textile trade shows, textile art exhibitions and site specific installations. My teaching positions at universities in Berlin led me to develop independent workshops and retreats. I set up my craft label FIBER&HEART® in 2015. Now, new work is in progress, stirred in the artistic cauldron... Currently I work at the intersection of fine art, poetry, handmade craft and herbalism. I will present it in 2020. For more information and to inquire about available work or exhibition possibilities, please send me an Email. Click on image above to contact the artist


Poetry: The Dreamer © Simi Ninati 2018-2019. My poems grow organically...Sometimes the words change again, fall off or new ones grow out of it... Some are spells, it often can be read backwards too, and so create an endless murmur, whisper, chant or song. I like to include more than one interpretations. This poem is my manifesto, written in September 2018 while in Creative Writing Retreat in Ryzmburk CZ. I added words in 2019 to express my soul´s points of eternal interest.


Image: Photo collage from series IMAGINE, limited edition © Simi Ninati 2017-2019. In this series I explore a blurring of persona, merging self with nature. Peaceful, sensual shapeshifting, melting identity, dreamlike reality. Returning to Nature as a source of nurturing wisdom, held by the cycles of the seasons, expressing feelings and emotions of the seasons.