Born in 2015 out of an innate impulse to create Beauty and share Joy-ful sensations, FIBER&HEART® by Simone Meentzen offers handmade objects, workshops & soulful co-created retreats to serve you and Mother Earth. I share my expert artistic skills, promote creativity, help people to sensually connect with and in nature. The value of protection of natural resources and human transformation is at the heart of my creative sharing. Teaching since 2008, collaborative partners include AMD Berlin, HTW Berlin, betahaus Berlin, Makerist, Cacao Mama, The Women School, Nicole Hemmer MA, Blumenschule Schongau.  FIBER&HEART® trade collaborations in the past include The Green Market Berlin, Agape Zoe Healing Arts Festival Berlin, Textile Art Berlin, Spirit Weavers Gathering Trade Blanket and Desert & Denim USA. 
If you are interested in purchasing Fiber&Heart® handmade creations or co-creating an event / workshop / retreat with FIBER&HEART®, contact
Feedback for Fiber&Heart®:
"I attended Simone´s Weaving Workshop in Berlin, and really enjoyed the experience of being in an intimate group of women weaving our own heart and soul creations. Simone shared many things with us, and I appreciated the simple way in which she conveyed information connected to the ancient art of weaving. It felt very ancient to be sitting in a group of women weaving as so many have throughout all time.
Simone is a natural guide, artist and creative. She inspires many by her visionary creations and I feel blessed and grateful to have met her and attended her workshop. Thank you Simone for bringing the ancient magic of the feminine back into this contemporary world we are living in. You are a natural medicine woman, artist of the soul and nature whisperer..."
Nicole Hemmer, Founder of the Divine Feminine Soul Leadership Program 


NEW: Handmade Clay Goddess Figurines
Supporting the shift to a more holistic lifestyle, honoring the Goddess, Life - giver, personification of all that is sacred and united in nature, the cycle of life and human rites of passage. Clay figurines are inspired by archaeological discoveries, from the times of ancient Goddess worship which is at the root of Western civilization. Handmade in meditative practice, each figurine is a devotional object, ready to be placed on your altar, used in ceremony and to bring Goddess energy into your home. Each figurine is individually created, no one is the same, just like we are all Goddess, each one an individual expression of Woman, mindful of our interwoven existence.
FIBER&HEART® is a supporter of TreeSisters.
A global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care.  
5€ of each sale will be donate to TreeSisters 
In collaboration with The Women School, handmade Clay Goddess Figurines are available online from May 2019! 
Soon available in-store at a special selected retailer tbc.