Handmade Clay Goddess Figurines

The artist donates 5€ of each sale to TreeSisters www.treesisters.org
In collaboration with The Women School, handmade Clay Goddess Figurines are available online from May 2019 at
Also soon available in-store at a special selected retailer tbc.
Supporting the shift to a more holistic lifestyle, honoring the Goddess, Life - giver, personification of all that is sacred and united in nature, the cycle of life and human rites of passage. Clay figurines are inspired by archaeological discoveries, from the times of ancient Goddess worship which is at the root of Western civilization. Handmade in meditative practice, each figurine is a devotional object, ready to be placed on your altar, used in ceremony and to bring Goddess energy into your home. Each figurine is individually created, no one is the same, just like we are all Goddess, each one an individual expression of Woman, mindful of our interwoven existence.