World Water Day

I deal with Water since 2012 in my artistic expressions, from gouaches of underwater beings (started 2012),the textile art series Blue Dream (started in 2016) and continuing today...Water is Life, a living conscious entity...


The beautiful research by, for example, Masaru Emoto and Veda Austin interests me a lot and flows indirectly into my creations. From 2023, I devote a massive amount of time to my own investigations, for example I research the spiritual and religious significance of water, it's devotion, various indigenous water blessings, channelled water messages...


On World Water day I share with you my poem Stella Maris - which is also the name of a cargo sailer, sailor's mission, hotels, and more...


But it is originally the Great Mother Goddess, the Mother of All Waters, The Star of the Sea... Mother Mary in Christianity ... here is my Ode to Stella Maris, in the manner of a prayer card.


I praise WATER on this day and beyond.






Mother of ALL Waters

Spirit of Water Beloved


YOU are my guiding Star, 

my Polaris

Eternal Beauty 


All Source Ocean


I praise you

I love you




I call upon you

NOW, Today, every day

Bless me

with your protection

Guide me 

with your LOVE!


I praise you forever.

Mahalo, Mahalo, STELLA MARIS!


If you wish to receive a free prayer art card, send me an email.

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